Why Candle Rituals?

Updated: Apr 11

Candle rituals are by far the easiest yet powerful form of rituals available. Did you know that candles can actually cover all 4 elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire?

The candle in its solid state as Earth, Air that flickers the flame, the melted wax as Water and the flame itself as Fire!

Candle rituals can be as simple as picking a candle color that corresponds to your intention, lighting the candle and setting your intention.

Candle Color Meanings & Uses:

  • White – cleansing, purifying, blessings, unity, relieves tension

  • Black – protection, absorbs negative energy

  • Green – harmony, balance, money, growth, healing, new beginnings

  • Blue – meditation, loyalty, overcoming addiction, heals emotional wounds, trauma, transformation

  • Yellow – confidence, optimism, charm, concentration

  • Orange – stamina, success, youthfulness, independence, encourages ambitions, broadens horizons

  • Red – energy, courage, fertility, love, sex, passion, lust

  • Pink – romance, friendship, self-love, forgiveness

  • Purple – enhance psychic ability, wisdom, ambition, insomnia, boosts spiritual enlightenment, creativity

  • Gold – God energy, masculine, sun, prosperity, abundance, happiness, knowledge, influence, divination, power

  • Silver – Goddess energy, feminine, moon, astral realm, dreamwork, ambition, fame, communication with ancestors, creativity

For more elaborate candle ritual but still easy enough, read on to find out. These are basic guides, feel free to add or remove as needed. Listen to your instincts and make this ritual personal to you :)

Step 1: Choose your supplies

The form of candle you choose is going to depend on the way you plan to use the candle. Glass pillar candles are great but they don’t work if you want to carve symbols or words onto your candle, or if you plan to dress your candle with oil and herbs.