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Cacao Ceremony

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The word ‘cacao’ originally comes from the Mayan words Ka’kau and Chokola’j, which means, to drink chocolate together. It is said that the strongest effects of raw chocolate are experienced in group ceremonies. However, you can also experience it on your own.

Cacao ceremonies are century old ritual, often said to be the ultimate heart opener. As discussed in the last blog post, raw cacao is packed with loads of vitamins and minerals that is highly beneficial to us. Most importantly, ceremonial cacao are great for gaining clarity, setting intentions, healing work and inner processing. It works to assist in energetic healing, while gaining clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuition and personal growth.

Creating a sacred space for your personal ceremony can also help get you out of your normal frame of mind, allowing for new insights and experiences. It is not necessary but highly recommended. Cacao ceremonies is also known to aid in mood elevation, increased vitality, enhanced intuition and empathy and a more open and present heart.

If you are interested in doing healing work, such as clearing past trauma from relationships, ancestral clearing, or understanding the root cause of physical ailments, a cacao ceremony can support these intentions. If you are looking to move more or experience bliss in your life, to fill up the essence of who you are, cacao can support a deeper connection with your body.

Generally, cacao is like a gentle, loving spirit that shows up differently for everyone. It is an awesome natural plant medicine that helps connects you to your deep rooted wisdom from within.

Creating your own cacao ceremony at home to reconnect with your intuition and open up your heart on a daily basis can be incredibly powerful. Start by setting an intention for yourself before the ceremony. Remind yourself of that intention during the ceremony and throughout your day. Regain your own inner power and control during the ceremony with the connection of mind-body. Allow yourself to let go, be free and flow with this amazing goodness and experience. Just make sure to buy ceremonial grade cacao to truly immerse yourself and reap the benefits that cacao has to offer.

"Ceremonial cacao expands your ability to connect to whatever you want to connect with" - Keith Wilson

Recipe for daily consumption:

  • 4 TBSP (~28g) of ceremonial cacao in small bits or finely chopped. If you’re using ceremonial cacao disks (eg Firefly brand) – no need to chop!

  • 1 cup (~110-120ml) hot water (or you can use herbal teas and infusions instead of plain water. eg rose tea)

  • Optional sweetener: I usually use a date, 1 teaspoon of monk-fruit, or raw honey/agave. (I would generally avoid processed sugar like cane sugar)

  • Spices – a pinch of each: Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper or chili pepper, cinnamon.

The ingredients above are just your basics. Feel free to add your favourite superfoods (eg. reishi, mushroom, maca etc). You can even top it up with a non-dairy milk of your choice to make it creamier. Blend and enjoy~

*Some ceremonial cacao blends come pre-mixed with spices. The recipe below is for 100% pure ceremonial cacao – its purity leaves room to explore your preference!


Simply place all ingredients into a blender and blend till creamy/smooth.

If you do not have a blender, simply combine all ingredients in a pot and place on low heat, allowing it to melt gradually while constantly stirring.


To begin, ideally, create a nice and peaceful environment, especially if you plan to mediate. Make it comfortable with cushions, blankets, a journal and pen if you wish to write down your thoughts during and throughout the session. You may even pick a few crystals that works with the intention you plan to set for the session and have them laid out together with candles for ambience. Next, you can cleanse the space with palo santo or sage, or even essential oils of your choice. (You can totally skip this step but a good scent really helps create the mood). If you have You can skip all the above if you do not have the time. These are all optional settings that can enhance the experience if you have a little more time to commit to this self care, self healing ritual.

Regardless if you prepared the above mentioned settings or have just enough time to make your cup of cacao, follow the following steps for your own cacao experience.


Simply hold the cup with both hands, bring it to the front of your heart and give a little gratitude to Mother Nature and Mother Cacao. Set your intention(s) for the ritual/day. Ask yourself what would you like to let go during the ceremony. Smell the cup in your hands and enjoy the beautiful aroma of cacao. Take a sip and feel as the cacao swirls in your mouth and down the throat as it goes through your body. Release all thoughts and just allow things to flow as you open your heart to what cacao brings forth!

You can make it even more special by pouring the cacao in the same specific cup of your choice for your daily ritual. All you need is 10 minutes or less :)

Here are some things you can consider and even pen down in your journal when doing your personal sacred cacao ceremony.

  • How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically.

  • What is my body telling me?

  • What is my heart telling me?

  • What am I thankful or grateful for?

  • How can I connect with myself better?

  • Which areas in my life needs more love and attention?

  • Which areas in my life needs release?

You can even try writing a simple love letter to yourself. Write as if you were writing the letter to your best friend. What are you proud of? What would you say to yourself in difficult times? This can serve as a reminder to yourself in bad times or when you are in need for support and feeling disheartened. Take out this letter and read to yourself.

There you have it, your own personal, sacred cacao ceremony. Feel free to simplify or enhance it to your personal comfort and liking. Remember, this is your personal ceremony and you can do anything that brings you the most peace and comfort

At Tehara Dream, we use pure ceremonial grade cacao from Keith's Cacao ( for our cacao ceremonies. You can also request to add on a warm or cold cuppa cacao to enjoy after your Reiki healing session. Drink with an open mind and explore into the depths of your inner heart and soul (:

Not sure if Reiki healing is suitable for you? Contact us directly to find out more.

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