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Tehara Dream is based off the passion in seeking true HEALTH care. We work towards learning to rely on ourself for a comprehensive balance of the physical, mental, emotional bodies.

Learning that health and wellness stems from the inside and balance being the key to it all. We quickly realize that everyone needs to take pauses in life, listen to their inner being and understanding that self care and self love uncovers more benefits than one can imagine.

A balanced life - body, mind and soul brings about many health benefits and deters various medical conditions.
Having said that, Reiki healing therapy, by no means should replace conventional medical treatment.

We are  home based studio, located along North-East Singapore (Buangkok / Hougang) and our primary goal is to provide a cozy, comfortable and most importantly safe space for everyone to enjoy their personal Reiki experiences and journey.

​At Tehara Dream, we believe in health being the best gift to ourselves and our loved ones.
Therefore, Reiki in our opinion, is "The Perfect Gift for Any Day~"

Come find out more about this holistic approach to healthcare where we believe "Prevention is better than cure"

Despite primarily providing Reiki healing therapy as our main service, we strongly believe in natural and holistic healing, therefore, we do have a wide network of chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, rehabilitation therapists whom we can refer you to if and when needed.

We also aim to give back to the community as much as we can and have therefore decided to sponsor children from World Vision Singapore, as well as get ad-hoc gifts and make donations through their platform from time to time to help the children and families who are in need.

We are truly grateful that you are a part of this journey because you make it possible for us and for them :)

Meet the Team

Click to gain a little insight on our Practitioners :)

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