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Reiki-Charged Oils?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Aromatherapy and essential oils are well known for their various benefits. Using essential oils, combined with Reiki, enhances the effectiveness and benefits of aromatherapy. Our Reiki-charged oils is a powerful combination of pure essential oils and Reiki healing energy which focuses on keeping our 7 chakras balanced and aligned. It helps unblock energies that might be disrupting flow and throwing off the balance of our chakras.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that draws from universal healing energy to promote wellness, balance and harmony for the body, mind and spirit. It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through each of us and is what keeps us alive. If one's "life force energy" is low or out of balance, then we are more likely to get sick physically or feel mental distress. On the contrary, if the "life force energy" is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Therefore, we want to do our best to keep our chakras balanced.

Combining the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy and the amazing Reiki healing energy, these Reiki-charged oils allows for an easy and quick energy boost when feeling low and helps to keep our chakras in check :)

We have previously discussed how Reiki helps balance our chakras, and have also covered the various ways to balances each individual chakras in our body in previous blog posts. However, a lot of clients informed that during the time they take to work on themselves and start new habits to maintain balance in life, it is common to slip up and fall back into old habits. These oils comes in handy for a quick fix.

What are some benefits to using Reiki-charged oils?

We believe that the benefits of essential oils can be further enhanced by infusing the products with positive intentions and the positive life force energy of Reiki. Thus, we created our own custom Reiki-charged oils combining the benefits of essential oils, aromatherapy and Reiki.

At Tehara Dream, we use pure, high grade essential oils and organic jojoba/almond oils to make it suitable for most (including sensitive) skin types. Simply apply them on your chakra points to soothe, balance and re-align your over/under active chakras or whenever you feel out of sync. It smells great too and can be used as an alternative to perfumes and pick me up through out the entire day!

The blends are designed to work specifically for chakra healing, while helping you find peace and balance. It helps to clear the Chakras, release what no longer serves you, and gently re-balance your subtle energy bodies. The Reiki-charged oils can also be used for meditation, massages, in baths or as body oil. It can also be simply used to anoint the corresponding chakra point while repeating the corresponding affirmation thrice :)

Featuring our Crown Chakra balancing oils and candle blend :)

At Tehara Dream, we use organic jojoba/almond oils that's skin safe. You can apply them directly on your chakra points to soothe, balance and re-align your chakras (:

Not sure if Reiki healing is suitable for you? Contact us directly to find out more.

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