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Reiki Fire Burning Bowl Ritual

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Reiki Fire Burning Bowl ritual is essentially combining the traditional Burning Bowl ceremony with Reiki. Using Reiki symbols for cleansing and creating a safe space filled with peace and harmony. Reiki symbols also helps create the connection for a passage way to the Universe, while assisting with release and manifestations.

There are usually 2 parts to the Fire Burning Bowl ceremony. The first, is the use of fire to release old patterns, beliefs and experiences that no longer serves you and may even be hindering you from reaching your full potential. The second part, is the use of smoke to send intentions back to the Universe for manifestations to happen.

The Fire Burning Bowl ceremony is a ritual of symbolic release used for centuries across various groups. Fire itself is a powerful force that can consume and destroy, yet at the same time, create, cleanse and inspire.

Using Reiki to empower the Fire Burning Bowl ritual invites the loving energy of the Universe into the ceremony to assist in both the release and manifesting. Reiki helps one feel more relaxed and more at peace. It allows a person to be more in tune with their inner self and have better clarity to reflect on their life.

Reiki Fire Burning Bowl rituals are highly versatile and can be made to suit your needs. It be scaled up to cater to a group of people or scaled down to be just for yourself. It is great for various purposes and occasions :)

In the next blog post, we will be sharing on how you can create your own Reiki Fire Burning Bowl ritual in just a few simple steps. Stay tuned~

At Tehara Dream, we do Reiki Fire Burning Bowl ritual every New and/or Full Moon ( and you are welcome to engaged us with your requests and intentions for each moon phase (:

Not sure if Reiki healing is suitable for you? Contact us directly to find out more.

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