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What Clients Say

“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.” – Robert C. Peale

Great session, great conversations, it's just a really positive experience. Really felt like a safe space where I could speak my mind with Vanessa and just trust her to do what she does. She was so easy to talk to and so willing to listen and share too. I was also quite surprised that TeharaDream follows up even days or weeks after the session, really great service!

Never thought I would be able to "feel" energy but I did feel some heat at certain areas of my body throughout the session and it was generally a very soothing and calming experience.

Soar Z


I knew Tehara Dream via my IG- Carristian (we followed each other for sometime ago). I had my first trial Reiki session with Vanessa. I had a good rest in the session, and I’m amazed she could identified my 7 chakras individual blockage and body-ache accurately. So I can work on my own healing and diet accurately. Super amazed by the accuracy. Will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. Good way to discover yourself more.

The reiki session was a much needed one, and I’m glad to have found Tehara Dream after some failed attempts at going for reiki! The session with Vanessa answered many questions and clarified much of my current struggles, her advice truly resonated with me on many levels (work, relationships, self, home etc), most of which were things I didn’t know. It was unexpected to receive my answers in such a roundabout way but also very enlightening. It was a very comfortable and gentle session! I would really recommend it to anyone feeling lost, confused and in need of guidance.

Cairreo ANG


I’ve heard about Reiki some time back but not tried till now because I’m going through a very stressful period and need to remove blockages and negativity. Sharing what I’m going through with a complete stranger is something I never thought I’d do. But Vanessa made me feel very comfortable and she went the extra mile by spending more than an hour to understand and analyse my situation. I will definitely be back again.


I found Tehara Dream whilst trying to find a trustable and comforting place to go for reiki. I'm so glad I found Vanessa. She is incredible insightful about reiki and shares her knowledge and experience with regard to working with energy. Though my session was only supposed to be an hour long, she took the time out to explain about herself and find out about my own personal journey before explaining what she would be doing throughout the session. She was able to answer queries I had that went beyond just reiki healing and was incredibly friendly. After the session I felt immensely relaxed, its been a week and I still feel the results from the healing session. I highly recommend coming to Tehara dream as they provide excellent services tailored to your needs. I cant wait for my next session!

Faye Ong

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