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Practitioner: Vanessa 

Vanessa, founder of Tehara Dream, is a strong believer of holistic healthcare. She has benefitted tremendously from Reiki therapy and Chiropractic care and love sharing her experience with anyone who's open and interested in exploring alternative and holistic living.

She started her Reiki journey in 2019 and is now a certified Reiki Master Teacher who is passionate about empowering people on their personal journey with Reiki, regardless through her sessions or workshops. She has also completed her studies in Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course, which is a holistic healing modality developed and trademarked by Kate Mantello. This course equipped Vanessa with good knowledge on crystal use during a session, crystal body gridding for various healing needs etc, and have allowed her great versatility in providing for her clients during sessions. 

In the first quarter of 2024, Vanessa also completed the Ascension & Transformation for Healers workshop, showing her how to work with different Ascended Masters. She is constantly working on her own spiritual growth and transformation journey, as she believes learning never stops, especially now in this New Golden Age. Vanessa wants to be able to continuously work on improving herself and better support her student, clients, community and team. 

Aside from the above modalities, Vanessa also graduated with a Diploma in Applied Psychology in her 20s, when she was still working in the F&B industry. That is when she realized her love for teaching and training. Throughout her time in employment, Vanessa found herself gravitating a lot towards the Fitness and Alternative Healthcare industries. She has worked at various gyms and several chiropractic centres since. Since her first job as a Chiropractic Assistance in 2009, she has never actually left and is currently still working in a Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinic part time. Although not a trained therapist in physical therapy, she has definitely learnt a lot over the years in the industry.

She truly believes that healing starts from within and that our body is innately capable of identifying and healing itself where it needs. Occasionally needing the extra push and boost to get started.

​At Tehara Dream, we believe in health being the best gift to ourselves and our loved ones.

Therefore, Reiki in our opinion, is "The Perfect Gift for Any Day~"

Come find out more about this holistic approach to healthcare where we believe "Prevention is better than cure"

We are home based, and aims to provide a holistic Reiki experience for everyone. Home calls available upon request too.

"To heal from the inside out is the key" - Wynonna JUDD

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