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Practitioner: Vanessa 

Vanessa is a strong believer in Reiki healing and Chiropractic care as she has greatly benefited from both therapies and would like to share her experiences with people who are open to explore alternative health therapy options.

Vanessa has a Diploma in Applied Psychology and is a certified Reiki Master practitioner, who is also attuned to Arcturian Reiki, Tanabun Reiki and Nanairo Reiki. 


She has recently completed her studies in Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Course, which is a holistic healing modality developed and trademarked by Kate Mantello.

She has been working in physical therapy clinics as an Assistant for about 15 years, as well as at various fitness studios.


She truly believes that healing starts from within and that our body is innately capable of identifying and healing itself where it needs. Occasionally needing the extra push and boost to get started.

​At Tehara Dream, we believe in health being the best gift to ourselves and our loved ones.

Therefore, Reiki in our opinion, is "The Perfect Gift for Any Day~"

Come find out more about this holistic approach to healthcare where we believe "Prevention is better than cure"

We are home based, and aims to provide a holistic Reiki experience for everyone. Home calls available upon request too.

"To heal from the inside out is the key" - Wynonna JUDD

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