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Practitioner: Zen

Zen has always believed in the wonders of the human body and its abilities. She feels and thinks that there are much more yet to be explained by science, such as Energy Healing. Sometimes the best way is through self exploration and that is exactly what Zen did. 


She believes in keeping an open mind and staying constantly curious, which has led her to discover Reiki by chance in 2019. She is currently a Certified Reiki I practitioner. Having benefited from it, Zen is always ready to share her experiences and knowledge, so feel free to chat her up :)

In 2023, Zen has also completed a Spiritual Cleansing and Healing Course, where a pendulum is mainly used for the modality, which she now has the option to include in her sessions or as an independent service. 

At Tehara Dream, we believe in health being the best gift to ourselves and our loved ones.

Therefore, Reiki in our opinion, is "The Perfect Gift for Any Day~"

Come find out more about this holistic approach to healthcare where we believe "Prevention is better than cure"

We are home based, and aims to provide a holistic Reiki experience for everyone. Home calls available upon request too.

"Life isn't about getting and having, it's about giving and being" - Kevin KRUSE

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