Finding the right practitioner for my Reiki sessions

Updated: Apr 11

Now that you understand a little more about Reiki healing and is keen to experience it for yourself, the next step would be to find a practitioner to kick start the process.

A Reiki session should match your needs and your preferences since it is for your healing after all. Not all Reiki practitioners and services are alike so finding the right Reiki practitioner that suits you is key. As Reiki gains popularity, there are more and more practitioners offering such service with a mix of modalities too. That means more options, more diversity and better chances of you finding a practitioner who really suits you.

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Google is often our go-to source of research and that is definitely a great way to start, since it provides you with a wide spectrum of practitioners and their locations for you to choose from at the convenience of your fingertips.

  • Determine if location is a concern for you to narrow your search. Search for a particular area, but be mindful that other areas will still show up for paid ads.

  • Read reviews (if it's available) after searching through Google.

  • Going through all aspects of their website (if available) to get a sense and see if it connects with you.

The best way in our opinion, would be Word of Mouth as you get to hear first-hand experiences. Having said that, bear in mind that what works for them might not be the same for you. Every practitioner may practice a little different and specialize in a different aspect as well.

  • The way you experience energy flow from Reiki may be different from that of another person. It could be a warm or tingling or even no sensation at all. The intensity of the sensation can also differ based on the amount of energy flow varying from person to person. For example, more energy may flow for someone with a condition or pain, as compared to someone who is well and healthy. Regardless of any presence or absence of sensation or the intensity, Reiki energy will flow nonetheless and work for you, leaving most feeling a sense of calmness or release after the session.

If there are certain constraints, (pregnancy, pre and post surgery maintenance etc), or you simply prefer the convenience of being in your own home, you may even consider Home Call Reiki sessions where the practitioners goes to you for the sessions. Check for practitioners who offer such services.

  • Practitioners aim to create a safe space to assist you in your personal growth and process, so make sure you have a suitable space with minimal disturbance to fully reap the benefits even when in your own space.

Timing and availability of practitioner definitely plays an important role in making your decision too. It would be ideal to not have to rush before and after the appointment to allow yourself to be able to fully relax and enjoy the session. The idea is to be able to allow your body, mind and soul to be able to connect with one another since it is often not in congruence due to our hectic lifestyles.