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Balancing Chakra - Root

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

As discussed in the "Understanding Chakras“ blog post on our main chakras, it is clear to say that having balanced chakras is important since it impacts on all areas of our life. Our chakras acts as both transmitters and receptors, meaning the frequency at which you emit energy will match the frequency of what you receive in your life.

Chakra balancing is a process of clearing blockages and bringing the chakras to flow at an optimal rate. The health of your chakras and energy field determines how you feel and experience your life’s situations. Having balanced chakras allows us to be more self-aware, therefore learning the lessons that we are here to learn before they manifest in the form of illness or loss. Balanced chakras allows for physical and emotional well-being.

We also want to keep our frequency high with balanced chakras, so as to attract people, abundance and opportunities in the highest possible frequency. Therefore, it is crucial for us to be able to identify blocked chakras and work to bring them back to balance.

Let's dive into some ways we can balance our Root chakra and keep it in alignment.

Root Chakra

How to balance it:

Essential oils

Concentrations of plants carries a high frequency that can be inhaled directly into our nervous system. As the nervous system is closely linked to our brains and emotions, they are powerful in activating the chakras, working to keep them in balance.

  • Use clove essential oils

Activities to help connect with your Root chakra

  • Walking barefoot, Dance, Wear red

Mediate with crystals or chakra balancing mediation

As discussed in the last blog post, each chakra correspond to a different color of the rainbow. Crystals often come to mind at the mention of chakras or energy healing and it is no surprise since crystals come in all shapes and colours. Crystals are a product of mother nature, making them essentially filled with that same pure universal energy that would be helpful in giving that extra boost when we are mediating with them.

  • One method is to place each crystal on the body at the corresponding chakra point, while playing some soothing music to relax and unwind. Remember not to over stress over placing each crystal at the "perfect" spot as the intention is ultimately key in healing work and do not worry about falling asleep. They will work its magic regardless of your consciousness :)

  • Another method is simply be comfortably seated while holding the chosen crystals in the palms of your hands. Play some chakra mediation music, close your eyes and mediate. I find this method to work best for me, as I find my senses heightened gradually while I go deeper into mediation and am able to focus on the flow of the energy from the crystals in my palms without being overwhelmed.

  • If you do not have any crystals and do not wish to buy any at the moment, it is totally fine too. Crystals provide a boost and a physical connection but is not a necessity. Simply find a comfortable position and play some chakra meditation music through youtube or an app (we recommend Insight Timer) and just go into mediation. Working with your intention to unblock and balance as you focus on each chakra as you go along, or work on a specific chakra of your choice. Nothing fancy but equally effective. We also suggest for beginners to try working on one chakra each day and go in rotation for those who likes routine but afraid of being overwhelmed. Feel free to change up the sequence as needed. Just go with the flow and trust your instincts. There is no right or wrong!

Crystals to use:

  • Red Jasper is associated with balancing, so it’s an ideal stone to have if you are battling erratic mood swings.

  • Red Carnelian is associated with strength, cleansing, and bravery. It is a good choice if you particularly struggle with fearfulness and can’t bring yourself to leave your comfort zone.

  • Black Obsidian is said to protect you from harm. You may draw some comfort from wearing it as you work to move to a place of greater security in your life.

  • Bloodstone itself is green.The name refers to its red spots. This semi-precious stone is linked to pushing away negative energy and increasing confidence. A perfect stone for combating significant root chakra blocks.

Chakra balancing Yoga

An easy way to align chakras is through yoga as it works to move energy in your body even when you are not focusing on it.

There are several yoga poses that have been known to correspond to each chakra. With each yoga pose, it moves energy within the body to unblock the corresponding chakra and balancing it.

  • Warrior I, Tree Pose, Mountain Pose

Foods to eat:

Since chakras are representing by colors, eating the foods in similar colors can have an effect on our chakras, working to balance and unblock them

  • Red foods: Red is the color that represents your root chakra, thus they automatically influence your root chakra because of its association with the color red. Think strawberries, raspberries, cherries, tomatoes and red bell peppers. These foods are usually high in vitamin C, which is a bonus.

  • Root vegetables: Roots have an association with being grounded, so foods like beets, garlic, and potatoes are great, partly because they grow in the soil. This link to the earth foundations means they can also help to re-balance a misaligned chakra.

  • Protein-rich foods: Foods in this category help to ground you and give you physical strength, which then helps to boost emotional strength. Good examples include beans, tofu, green peas, spinach, and almonds.


Reiki being an energy healing modality is one sure way to open, unblock and balance our chakras since chakras are our energetic core.

If you are attuned to Reiki, doing self practice is one great way to ensure that we are constantly keeping our energy and frequency levels high.

Alternatively, look for a certified Reiki practitioner that you are comfortable with to do regular Reiki healing therapies and chakra balancing. This is an excellent way to energize and be at your peak!

Reiki practitioners channel that universal energy into us, getting the energy moving throughout our body and unblocking any stagnant energy. With free flowing energy, it creates harmony within the body and releases imbalances created by negative influences.

Sound healing

The frequencies 228Hz or 396Hz are associated with the Root chakra and it works to liberate you from fear and guilt.

Sound is a simple yet effective way to improve the flow of energy in the body. The powerful vibrations from the right frequency made by sounds will promote healing on a physical, emotional and mental level, while removing energy blocks and balancing the chakras.

Sound baths are meditative and relaxing while increasing the vibrations and frequency within our body to cleanse and unblock any chakras that might be out of alignment.

Find a sound healer or treat yourself to a gong or a singing bowl session to bring balance to all areas of your life. Other simple instruments like tuning forks and wind chimes with the right frequency would do the trick too. Check out youtube or apps online for chakra music suited for each chakra to incorporate into your daily routine for that extra boost. We highly recommend the "Insight Timer" app for various chakra music.

Practice visualization and speaking affirmations

One easy way to unblock your chakras and manifest your ideal reality is by visualizing the person you want to be and what you want your life to look like. Try to be as specific as possible when visualizing, creating as many details as possible for your future self. Include what you see, what you do, how you feel etc. Our brain will start to create an emotional response to our visualization and change the vibration of our chakras to match that we have visualized, thus manifesting it into the physical world.

Likewise with affirmation, we repeat chakra affirmation for our brains to acknowledge that we are filled with greatness. Chakra affirmations are powerful statements that rewrites the patterns in our subconscious mind and changes the vibration of our chakras to be in balance, directing healing to restore balance in each aspect of our body and life.

  • I am disciplined

  • I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am

Being fully aware of all the 7 major chakras and the way they impact will help one have a better understanding of your body system and how the body responds to blockages, manifesting itself into commonly known physical symptoms. This is the body's way of giving us messages and guiding us towards resolution and solutions by showing us which area we need to energetically unblock.

Stay tune for our Balancing Chakra - Sacral and the rest of the series!

​At Tehara Dream, we practice the traditional Usui Reiki method to aid in unblocking, clearing and balancing the chakras for your highest and better self and good.

All you need is an open mind (:

Not sure if Reiki healing is suitable for you? Contact us directly to find out more.

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